Lily Rose Beatrice Allen (born 2 May 1985) is an English pop music singer and songwriter. Known for her songs "Smile", "LDN", her cover of "Oh My God" by British act The Kaiser Chiefs, "The Fear", "Fuck You" and her Mockney style, Allen is the daughter of actor and musician Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen. From 12 February 2008 Allen hosted her own BBC Three talk show Lily Allen and Friends.

Lily Allen has a growing list of tattoos... some that she now regrets. The singer has a series of symbols inked onto her wrist including an acid house smiley face and a barking dog. The 23-year-old posted a picture of the tattoo on her Twitter site and says one of the other symbols just out of shot is Homer Simpson. The barking dog symbol is believed to have been inspired by the pop artist Keith Haring. Lily Allen regrets the matching tattoos she and Lindsay Lohan recently had inked on their hands - after realising Rihanna first showed off the same design more than a year ago. The singer and the Mean Girls star both had the word "Shhh..." tattooed on their index fingers during an impromptu visit to Shamrock Tattoos in Hollywood. But it was only after Allen showed off the design on her online Twitter page that she realised fellow pop star and tattoo fan Rihanna had the same body art inked in 2008. Allen explains, "I've since found out Rihanna's got the same thing, so it's not really... I mean she's very cool - but I thought I was being original!"

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