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© Vince Hemingson © Vince Hemingson © Vince Hemingson
© Vince Hemingson © Vince Hemingson © Vince Hemingson
© Vince Hemingson © Vince Hemingson © Vince Hemingson
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Vince Hemingson

Vince Hemingson ~ Bio

Prior to his career in the film industry Vince was a corporate finance specialist for public corporations during the 80's. After successfully financing and managing a number of companies on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, Hemingson took several years off to devote himself to writing full time.

A graduate of the University of Victoria with degrees in Political Science and History, Hemingson also had a minor in Creative Writing and Canadian Literature. Over time he found that his love affair with the written word had not abated. 

In 1990 he joined Northern Lights Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vidatron Enterprises, as Head of Development. He was responsible for finding and developing new film and television projects. Despite his workload Hemingson continued to find time to turn out new screenplays.

A prodigious writer, he is a member of the Canadian Writers Guild, with literary representation in Los Angeles since 1988. His screenplays have received attention from some of the top studios, producers and directors in the industry.

A move into directing/producing was the next natural step and Vince is already being talked about in international film as one of the most exciting new talents in the past few years.

A lifelong photography enthusiast, Hemingson's ongoing research into tattoo cultures around the world for The Vanishing Tattoo documentary film series provided him with a rare opportunity to document many traditional indigenous tattooing traditions firsthand. And the astonishing subsequent success of the Vanishing Tattoo website has continued to give Hemingson an outlet for his photographic output.

Hemingson's increasingly serious passion for photographing tattoo culture led directly to the genesis of, The Tattoo Project: Body. Art. Image. Hemingson now see's photography as taking an equal place alongside his writing and his film work as methods for expressing his creativity and exploring his ongoing fascination and affection for tattoo culture.

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