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Lauren Calaway

Lauren Calaway

Let's start with your name, or the name you work under, where you're from, and an approximate time of when you made an appearance on this planet.
Lauren Calaway. Born and Bred Austin Texan on November 20th 1987.

When did you first start modeling? Are you represented by an agency or are  you an independent free-lancer? 
I started modeling 4 years ago. I am currently an independent free-lancer,  but am in the midst of signing with an agency.

Why do you model, other than the final remuneration, of course!?
It is my addiction, and an addict has to get their fix.  I love  everything about it. Some kids grow up wanting to be a vet, doctor, or  lawyer...I always wanted to model.

What are your long term career goals, ambitions and aspirations?
I would love to get signed by an agency and model for as long as  possible. Eventually, I would like to break into acting and possibly work  on some big budget films.

Do you remember the first time you saw a tattoo?  What was your initial  reaction?
In Austin, tons of people have tattoos. I was always fascinated with them  but could never figure out what I would want, being as how it is permanent  and all. I always loved seeing people with color tattoos.

When did you get your tattoos, starting with the first? Why the particular  tattoo designs you have? Who was the tattoo artist?
I first got the rose at 18. The girls on my mother's side of the family  all have the yellow rose of Texas. I wanted to be different so I got a red  rose with yellow petals on the inside. I can't remember who the artist  was, but her worked at Diablo Rojo in Austin. Then when I was 20 I got my  ribcage piece. It is an art nouveau design in all red ink. The artist was  John Reed from True Blue tattoo, also in Austin.

What does your body art reveal about you? Style or Statement?
It reveals that I am an artist in love with vivid colors. I am bold and unique.

When you got the tattoo(s), did you think about the possible effect of  having body art on your ability to get work, or model?
I did and to be honest, I had to debate about getting them for a long  time. The rose wasn't such a big deal, but the ribcage piece I knew would  be an issue. There are many times I do not get jobs because of it, and  other times I get jobs because I have it. Some people love it, some people  hate it. I love it, so it stays.

What is the usual reaction of photographers to your body art?  Others in  the fashion business?  Significant others?  Strangers on the street!?
Photographers seem to like it and are normally surprised it is not henna  that washes off. The fashion business is definitely not a fan. They like  blank canvases, where as I have already started to paint. My significant  other has many tattoos just like me and he loves mine. Strangers on the  street normally stare or will comment.

Has having body art prevented you from doing any specific modeling work?
Yes it has prevented me from getting jobs. Mostly jobs where it would be  exposed.

Have you considered getting more body art?  A design you are dying to get  or a specific tattoo artist whose work you would like to have?
I would love to get more art. However, until I stop modeling, I am not  going to get anymore. I am not sure what my next design will be, gotta  think about it.

Any hints for aspiring models thinking about getting body art?
If you want to be high fashion and get signed with an agency, don't do  it. If you are going to get ink, get something small and hidden. (and  whatever you do, try and get something besides flash art)

Do you have a favorite photographer?
I can't say that I do. There are so many I enjoyed working with and am  still friends with today.

Any photographers you are dying to work with?
Always! There are so many amazing ones out there!

A photographic or artistic project that you would love to be associated  with?
Honestly, not that I can think of. If there was a project for a clothing  designer or something that only had inked models, I would love to be in. Or  be on the cover of Inked Magazine. (that is one) 

When you think of celebrity tattoos, who do you think of first?
Angelina Jolie

Have you ever searched online for information about tattoos?
Not really

Have you ever heard of the Vanishing Tattoo website, or visited the site ?
Honestly, no i have not

What do you think when you hear about someone who's lost a job opportunity  because of their body art?
I think it is sad to hear because I know it can just be photoshopped out  or covered up with makeup. If your whole body is covered, it is one thing.  If you have one or two, I think it can be worked around.

What do you think about the current popularity of tattoos within mainstream  popular culture?
I think tattoos are on the rise. Every year they become more and more  acceptable.

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