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Jessica Roe

Jessica Roe

Let's start with your name, or the name you work under, where you're from, and an approximate time of when you made an appearance on this planet.
My name is Jessica Roe, I was born on 1st of April 1985. I'm originally from Slovakia living in Ireland since December 2004. 

When did you first start modeling? Are you represented by an agency or are you an independent free-lancer?
I start with modeling in 2007 when one English photographer asked me to pose for him. I'm part time model, independent free-lancer. 

Why do you model, other than the final remuneration, of course!?
I model because I don't see myself very beautiful in the mirror but when i look at photos I see something different I love meeting new photographers with new ideas. 

What are your long term career goals, ambitions and aspirations?
I would love to become a great model and to be featured in magazines around the world... almost every girls dream lol 

Do you remember the first time you saw a tattoo? What was your initial reaction? 
I don't remember the time I saw a tattoo for the first time.

When did you get your tattoos, starting with the first? Why the particular tattoo designs you have? Who was the tattoo artist?
I got my first tattoo when I was 17.. it was just tiny tattoo of panda bear One of the famous singers at that time had it so I kept a photo of her since i was 15 and than I got it when i was 17. I was looking at that picture for 2 yrs. When I was 21 I got my little tattoo covered with another tattoo, a tattoo of black panther, I got it because I love that animal, its fast, dangerous, black, intelligent.. I just love it, and would love to become one of them one day... heh.

When you got the tattoo(s), did you think about the possible effect of having body art on your ability to get work, or model?
When I got my tattoo I didnt think that I will ever become a model. I was too shy. Now I have to say that I have problems with my tattoo. For example not every photographer likes photo..few agencies told me that they cannot sign me up because of the tattoo. I lost few jobs because of having atattoo but hey some photographers love it.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
My favorite photographer is Craig Morrow from England. He is just amazing!!! 

Any photographers you are dying to work with?
Well, Frank Hotsauce is on top of my list and I also love Facet Studio.

A photographic or artistic project that you would love to be associated with? 
Gosh, anything, I am very open minded and love crazy projects that make your breath stop when you view it.

When you think of celebrity tattoos, who do you think of first?
I love Posh's tattoo on her back, Rihanna's tattoo on her neck, I love tattoos on the wrist like Jessica Alba and my favorites on guys are tattoos on the neck. 

Have you ever searched online for information about tattoos?
Yes, I have done my research in finding great artists in my area.

Have you ever heard of the Vanishing Tattoo website, or visited the site - ? 
I have heard of it, yes.

What do you think when you hear about someone who's lost a job opportunity because of their body art? 
It's not fair when people are losing jobs because of tattoos, but on other site I can understand that. For example imagine beautiful model in wedding dress with huge tattoo across her arm or back. Reality is that nobody will book her. Or a guy with huge tattoo on the neck working in bank or as a teacher. It doesn't look great and kind of dangerous!!!! Be very careful when you are picking your tattoo and be even more careful where you going to place it!!!

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