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Elke Madler

Let's start with your name, or the name you work under, where you're from, and an approximate time of when you made an appearance on this planet.
My name is Elke which is my real name, its pronounced L-Key and its German. They call me THE STALLION because of my muscular build and big legs and booty. I was born and raised in Germany but been in Los Angeles for the past 9 years.

When did you first start modeling? Are you represented by an agency or are you an independent free-lancer? 
I started getting heavy involved in the Urban/Glamour modeling industry in 2004 and I manage myself, I have a degree in business and I am a control freak, so who better to manage me then myself. LOL

Why do you model, other than the final remuneration, of course!?
It's all about money for me, unless I get paid I don't do it. So I basically just cash in on my exotic looks and talent. Of course I like what I do, but it has to pay off at the end of the day.

What are your long term career goals, ambitions and aspirations?
Long term goals are to keep making money and being successful. I will eventually get heavy involved into managing other models that's why I created I love the industry as much as I hate it, but I found my place and know how to work it.

Do you remember the first time you saw a tattoo?  What was your initial reaction? 
I don't remember the time I saw a tattoo for the first time.

When did you get your tattoos, starting with the first? Why the particular tattoo designs you have? Who was the tattoo artist?
Tattoos have always interested me, I actually got my first one when I was 15, a little butterfly on the back of my right shoulder.  The tattoo artist was in Germany, don't remember his name. But I remember it was in the red light district of Frankfurt and it was kinda forbidden back then. I got the butterfly cause it represented freedom to me.

What does your body art reveal about you? Style or Statement? 
The body art I have now means independence to me, the wings on my back is just a larger version of the little butterfly I had back then. Now its big wings they stand for freedom and independence. My sleeve is not done yet, but it was the first book I read when I was a kid, Alice in Wonderland. I love it.

When you got the tattoo(s), did you think about the possible effect of having body art on your ability to get work, or model?
I didn't get my large pieces till I was established in the industry, I did think about it, but I always been a free spirit and do what I wanna do, regardless of the consequences.

What is the usual reaction of photographers to your body art?  Others in the fashion business?  Significant others?  Strangers on the street!? 
So far I haven't had issues in the industry. My ex boyfriend was furious about the idea of my wings, but I got em after we broke up. And Strangers, fans, people on the street looooooove my tattoos.

Has having body art prevented you from doing any specific modeling work? 
No, so far not, but thats because I work a specific market and its ok to have tattoos in the industry I am in.

Have you considered getting more body art?  A design you are dying to get or a specific tattoo artist whose work you would like to have?
The artist who is doing my sleeve is Jamie Schene of and he will be the ONLY one that will tattoo me, his work is soooooo amazing that I cant even imagine having somebody else touch my skin. The next tattoo will be a black and grey portrait of my daughter on my left hand.

Any hints for aspiring models thinking about getting body art?
Well, since I start managing models I would say from a professional stand point dont get tattoos on your chest, ass, thighs. That to me is tacky. If you get a tattoo, get something amazing and something that makes a great statement, you have to commit to the tattoo you are getting.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
Gosh, so many, but I am working very close with Adrian Fernandez who takes 80% of all my images. He knows my angles and how to shoot me.

Any photographers you are dying to work with?
Well, Frank Hotsauce is on top of my list and I also love Facet Studio.

A photographic or artistic project that you would love to be associated with? 
Gosh, anything, I am very open minded and love crazy projects that make your breath stop when you view it.

When you think of celebrity tattoos, who do you think of first?
Lil' Wayne...tatted up, love it!!!

Have you ever searched online for information about tattoos?
Yes, I have done my re-search in finding great artists in my area.

Have you ever heard of the Vanishing Tattoo website, or visited the site ? 
I heard of it, yes.

What do you think when you hear about someone who's lost a job opportunity because of their body art? 
I think its super duper bullshit and makes me angry. I think a job has nothing to do with body art. You might have your bank teller tatted up underneath his suit, but you trust him with you money cause you cant see the tatts. So its just pre-judgment.

What do you think about the current popularity of tattoos within mainstream popular culture?
Well, I think if its from the heart and you really wanna get tattoos its coo, but I think many people get em now cause its "in", I guess whatever rocks your world.

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