What's your Tattoo Personality? You can't turn on a television, open a magazine or spend thirty seconds online without spotting another celebrity tattoo these days. From the silver screen to extreme sports, from the catwalks to the hardwood courts, bikers and babes, hotties and hunks -- they all sport ink. One in three people aged 18 to 35 has at least one tattoo, and two out of every three people has thought about going under the needle of a tattoo machine.

Rock Star Rock Star Male Female Rock Star
Pop Star Female Pop Star
Hip Hop Hip Hop Male Hip Hop Female
Movie Star Male Movie Star Female Movie Star
Biker Male Biker Female Biker
Goth - Punk Male Goth Punk Female
Pirate Male Female Pirate
Hard Core Male Hard Core Female
Athlete Male Athlete Female Athlete
Easy on the Etes Male Easy on the Eyes Female