Billie Piper (born Lianne Paul Piper on 22 September 1982) is an English singer and actress. She was born in England, started as a teen singer and quickly became a smash hit with songs like Because We Want To and Girlfriend. Her place in the tabloid press was sealed when at 18 she married a British TV personality twice her age. She continued to sing while being caught in various tabloid scandals, with some dubbing her the Britney Spears of Great Britain. But a few years ago she turned to acting and got small parts in movies Spirit Trap and Things to Do Before You're 30 and TV shows such as Doctor Who and Mansfield Park.

But her casting in the scandalous Call Girl series, which first aired on the BBC, has made her an international star. The series purportedly is based on the real-life episodes of a former prostitute. Billie Piper showed off her 'Mr Fox' wedding tattoo for the first time at a New York premiere. The artwork was on display as the Dr Who star ? who is usually covered from head to toe with baggy jumpers or oversized jackets - glammed-up for the event. Read more

Ink love: Billie Piper showing off her 'mr fox' tattoo and the date date she tied the knot with husband Laurence Fox. It also bears the date the 25-year-old tied the knot with husband Laurence Fox. 31.12.07. He got inked with 'Mrs Fox' after the pair decided to get Posh and Becks style inscriptions after a boozy lunch in Mexico, before their New Year's Eve wedding last year.

Billie Piper now hates the ''vulgar'' matching tattoos she and husband Laurence Fox drunkenly had to mark their union. Billie Piper thinks the tattoo she got to commemorate her marriage is "disgusting".

The actress admits she regrets having the inscription on her forearm, which reads 'mr fox 31-12-07' but has not made any plans to have it removed. She said: "It's disgusting. He's got 'mrs fox'. We were in Mexico and both so drunk. I think we both regret it now. "The thing is, I just look at it and think, 'God that's vulgar.' I don't know what I am going to do about it."

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