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Krawa Interview

Photographe ind├ępendant.

Do you remember the first time you saw a tattoo, and what your reaction was?
Already very young, I admired the marine fishermen and Rock'n Rollers.

Do you have any tattoos yourself?

As a photographer, do you approach shooting a model with body art any differently than a model without tattoos?
Not really, each person has it own aesthetics & beauty, but I prefer with tattoos.

Any tips for other photographers, for working with models who have tattoos?
I will not give advice, each photographer has a third eye, he's seeing has its way, whatsoever the portrait, reportage, macro or work of art.

Are tattoos and body modifications a problem in other work that you do?
No I take a lot of photo gigs, and I try my hand at the photo of seascape long exposure. Uh i just understand the question, so, not really a problem, I'm a technical trading, cause in France living the photo is very hard, so if necessery i put a sweetlong-sleeved.

Do you ever Photo Shop out tattoos?
No never.

What is it about a particular tattoo or an individual with tattoos that you find interesting?
I worked for 2 years on a theme around people & tattoos. More & more people from differents background are tatooed, I discovered their jobs are different too so I try to photograph it.

Have you ever seen a tattoo, or a person with tattoos and said, "I have to shoot that!"?
Ya, too often!

As a photographer and visual artist, what defines a good tattoo in your eyes?
I like many styles of tattoos. Today we have the opportunity to see real work of art on skin. Is it the 8th Art?

What design and aesthetic qualities are you looking for?
The lines, nuances, shades, coherence of the various pieces and style.

What would be your advice to someone who wants a great photo that shows their body art to its best advantage?
To find a good photographer

What is the biggest difference between shooting editorial work - say for someone like Bob Baxter at Skin & Ink - and working in a studio? 
By my own experience, work studio seems repetitive & less creative, editorial work often lacks quality, Bob Baxter (you don't find Skin & ink in France except by command) is part of the great photographers, Michel Leroy has inspired my work.

Any tips for taking good photos at tattoo conventions?
No direct flash on tattoos, be patient, observe and be interested by the work in progress, talk with people, what else? uh drink a beer? (not too, too drunk to shoot!!!)

What do you think of the growing numbers of celebrities and models who have tattoos?
ANothing, i prefere the style Amy Winehouse than Alissia Milano (although i find her cute), its a good thing for the tattoo artists in this crisis time.

What tips would you give to the home photographer, tattoo enthusiast or tattoo artist who wants to take a great photograph of a tattoo? 
At first I think photography is an art very personal, everyone has their own perception of tattoo, after, if you know a little about your camera and have some basic rules of photography, if you have an aesthetic sense too, so you will take good pictures.

What would be your dream tattoo photography assignment?
In my current jobs i'd like to meet old Sailors and tatooed Thugs. I work a lot based on meetings, in France we begin to democratise tattoos, you find more magazines on newsstands, girls and boys are tattooed as they are buying shoes, in a short time, it will be harder to find a model with a virgin skin (lol)!