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Luscious Lauren Luscious Lauren Luscious Lauren
Luscious Lauren Luscious Lauren Luscious Lauren
Luscious Lauren Luscious Lauren Luscious Lauren
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Luscious Lauren

Luscious Lauren

Let's start with your name, or the name you work under, where you're from, and an approximate time of when you made an appearance on this planet.
I was born in 84' and go by Luscious Lauren.

When did you first start modeling? Are you represented by an agency or are you an independent free-lancer?
I began about 4 years and I am independent but work with Platinum Allure LLC as well.

Why do you model, other than the final remuneration, of course!?
I feel so comfortable in front of a camera, it's such an exilirating rush.

Do you remember the first time you saw a tattoo? What was your initial reaction? 
My first tattoo was the flower and butterfly on my represents me, I am a free spirit never to be held down. I calmly read Cosmopolitan the entire time :) Yes, I am quite a champ.

When did you get your tattoos, starting with the first? Why the particular tattoo designs you have? Who was the tattoo artist?
I got my first tattoo when I was 20, the flower and butterfly on my foot. Next came my 3 zodiac signs on my upper back representing my sons father, me, and my son (it's an upside triangle so basically his father and I created him), after that my son wrote his name for the first time at the age of 3; I went that afternoon the the shop and that's above my zodiac signs, next is my "Mans Ruin" chick on my left thigh, the calla lilies on my left calf was a birthday gift from my tattoo artist Randy Berger on my 25th birthday, shortly after that Randy tattooed bowties on the back of my thighs.

What does your body art reveal about you? Style or Statement?

You tell me. It's just a part of me.

When you got the tattoo(s), did you think about the possible effect of having body art on your ability to get work, or model?
No, they come with me.

What is the usual reaction of photographers to your body art? Others in the fashion business? Significant others? Strangers on the street!?
I don't pay attention to how other people react to them but so far people seem to love them, I get compliments on my bowties and "Mans Ruin" the most.

Luscious LaurenHas having body art prevented you from doing any specific modeling work?

Have you considered getting more body art? A design you are dying to get or a specific tattoo artist whose work you would like to have?
Of course! I can't tell you because I can't have anybody stealing my ideas ;)

Any hints for aspiring models thinking about getting body art?
If you want it....DO IT

Do you have a favorite photographer?
I don't know about one favorite but I am dying to work with David Hilton.

Any photographers you are dying to work with?
LOL I just answered that.

A photographic or artistic project that you would love to be associated with?
Anything with sexy motorcycles. 

When you think of celebrity tattoos, who do you think of first?
Kat Von D. She's so hot!

Have you ever searched online for information about tattoos?
Years ago.

Have you ever heard of the Vanishing Tattoo website, or visited the site ?
Not until Model Mayhem.

What do you think when you hear about someone who's lost a job opportunity because of their body art?
I think it's a shame.

What do you think about the current popularity of tattoos within mainstream popular culture?
It's wonderful.