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Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn - Model

I got my tattoo in my early 20’s. At the time I actually believed my tattoo on the small of my back would enhance my shape. I thought there is so much bareness there it would be the perfect place! It is large but it’s my only tattoo. It’s a fire dragon which is my Chinese sign, and I got my tattoo in 2000 which was the year of the fire dragon. It represents the strength I needed to pull out of myself that I didn’t believe I had at the time. I also felt I had a very wholesome boring presence and wanted to feel like a bad girl who had a little edge. Maybe subconsciously I was missing all the attention my daddy use to give me when he whipped me with his belt and wanted someone to show me some attention to that area. During the tattoo I realized I actually enjoyed the process. I was bent over in a doggy position. I had on a flimsy little skirt that was pulled down exposing over half of my bottom. The tattooer pulled my g-string down and continued for hours and hours on that same spot. I also remember people men and women coming into his apartment and seeing me in that position with my bottom exposed and getting a naughty rush of excitement as there eyes went from my face down to my exposed cheeks.

The tattoo was a sample of what was to come in the future and my experience of the pain/pleasure aspect in moderation and my high tolerance for pain in that area especially. I remember having a cocktail with the tattooist after my first session and being shy and embarrassed as I admitted to him that I like it. He said liked what, I said being tattooed. He eyes lit up. The tat took a total of 15 hours. One 3 hour session and two 6 hour sessions straight. I didn’t want it to end. Some friends say he took a long time on purpose LOL! Sometimes I do wish I didn’t have it because I realize now how beautiful and rare a woman’s body is without any tats. When I got mine it seemed as no one else I knew had a tat there! Now they are everywhere. I used to try fading creams because I thought my spanker would like me better without my tattoo. Then I learned to accept myself the way I am with my tattoo and all. That was a growing process I needed to go through and I have no regrets. My spanker/ boyfriend webmaster says the dragon showed him the way! LOL My tat is a large fire dragons face with his tongue dipping down into the middle of my cheeks! Luckily, the belly ring I had I was able to take out without any permanent scarring. I just had to have it when I was 16!

I debated a long time whether or not to start a spanking site at age 30 and with a large tattoo on the small of back who would want to see me being spanked? But I’m glad I decided to go forward! Working on my site is very creatively fulfilling and the spankings of course!. Now I enjoy looking at all types of women being spanked tats and all, they tell a little story about there individuality. When I spanked Kamala for her first time after she said that was fun, it’s kinda like getting a tattoo. So, whenever I see a girl with tattoos, especially on the small of her back, I think to myself she needs a good hard spanking, or likes them or will like them even if she hasn’t been spanked. Maybe some of them just wanted to feel they were naughty and bad before they knew how to get a spanking? Spankings I discovered are a better way to experience that pleasure and naughtiness without permanent markings.

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