#101 - Vincent Gallo (Actor, April 11th, 1961)

Vincent GalloModern day renaissance man Vincent Gallo, is an American actor, model, motorcycle racer, director, producer, screenwriter, songwriter AND painter (as if he needed to add another shining accomplishment to his list). Gallo has a sleeping rabbit tattooed on the bottom of his foot with the words "Lucky" in script placed above. He is widely recognized for his grandiose claims, once stating: "I stopped painting in 1990 at the peak of my success just to deny people my beautiful paintings; and I did it out of spite." If you can believe it, Gallo also interviewed himself for a magazine and thought it was a "great honor". Wow! Gallo became known as an avant-garde beauty when he modeled for Calvin Klein ads photographed by Richard Avedon. >> pictures

#100 - Michael Madsen (Actor, September 25th, 1958)

Michael MadsenMichael Madsen, an American actor and poet is most recognized for his psychotic tough guy roles in Quentin Tarentino's cult films. You may remember the scene from Reservoir Dogs, when Michael's character Mr. Blonde removes the ear of an unfortunate police officer. Ouch! Every tough guy worth his gruff needs an arsenal of badass tattoos, and Michael Madsen is no exception. Michael wears a Harley Davidson logo on his bicep, and it doesn't get much more classic than that. You've got to wonder though, is Michael as messed up as his on screen characters? Nope, off screen Madsen is a family man, and an accomplished poet, which is why the ladies adore him so and pray for love letters in the mail. >> pictures

#99 - Bruce Willis (Actor March 19th, 1955)

Bruce WillisHollywood staple Bruce Willis hardly needs an introduction. And if you haven't heard of Bruce Willis, you must be living under house arrest with no radio, television or computer for the last 30 years. Seriously. Having starred in numerous major blockbuster films since the 80's, Willis has been a longstanding heartthrob and action-hero. Ladies want to be with him, and guys want to be him. Bruce has an angel scene tattooed over his left shoulder, and a dragon design on his right shoulder. He's often photographed enjoying the beach at his residence in Turks and Cacaos. >> pictures

#98 - Adam Goldberg (Actor, October 25th, 1970)

Adam GoldbergAmerican actor and director Adam Goldberg is a master of indie coooolll (insert dark sunglasses here), and we think he might be the perfect art gallery date. After partaking in an on again off again relationship with Christina Ricci for many years, we're pleased to say that Adam is AVAILABLE! Get in line ladies. Adam wears an eclectic mix of American traditional-style tattoo work on his arms, perhaps he was a sailor in a past life? LA tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney, applied all of his tattoo work which include a traditional swallow and a cute portrait of his dog. >> pictures

#97 - Slash (Guitarist, Guns N Roses, July 23rd 1965)

SlashSlash, lord of the riff, is the former lead guitarist of Guns N Roses and current lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver. This blurb should probably just be an epic guitar solo, everyone get out your air guitar and play along! Slash has over 114 guitars, and we're pretty certain they are all named after his romantic conquests while touring with GNR. Is there room for a woman in the life of a man who dotes on his guitars? Perhaps we'll never know. Slash has a plentiful collection tattoos, but one that stands out for us is a GNR influenced skull with a top hat on his left bicep. Along a banner, it reads D.T.U.D. which ceremonious stands for "Drink Till You Drop". Something tells us Slash has had some wild years... Let's fade out on a guitar solo and reminisce. >> pictures

#96 - David Blaine (Magician, April 4th, 1973)

David BlaineModern day Houdini, David Blaine, is known for his up-close street magic, and remarkable feats of endurance, which push the perceived limits of life and death. Magicians are known for their sleight of hand, and this skill, used in combination with his soulful brown eyes, David can persuade an audience to believe his charismatic illusions. Blaine has several tattoos, many inspired by spiritual or religious motifs, including a full reproduction of Salvador Dali's "Christ of St. John of the Cross", which spans his entire back. Perhaps Blaine's next career move is a magical solution to tattoo removal? Now you see them, now you don't! >> pictures

#95 - Josh Hartnett (Actor, July 21, 1978)

Josh HartnettIt's hard to believe that Josh Harnett used to work at McDonald's and Burger King before getting his start in acting. Talk about turning your life around! It's easy to see why he has been a vegetarian most of his life; excessive exposure to fast food tends to have that effect. Josh's climb to fame was brought to the fore by his acting roles in The Virgin Suicides, Pearl Harbour and Black Hawk Down. Hartnett's boy-ish good looks have been regularly praised by Teen People, and People Magazine in it's 50 Most Beautiful People Issue. Tattoo wise, Josh wears a celtic knot on his back and he's recently been spotted with a highly visible tattoo of a crown on his neckline. >> pictures

#94 - Christopher Meloni (Actor, April 2nd, 1961)

Christopher MeloniHelllooooo Christopher! Born in Washington DC, Christopher Meloni, paid his dues as a young actor by scoring roles in commercials, television series, and small roles in feature films. These days, Mr. Meloni is best known for his characterizations in Law & Order and the prison yard drama, Oz. Be sure to remind yourself of the many nude scenes in Oz's 5 year tenure... Moving along. Christopher's onscreen personae are a little rough 'n' tumble, but this handsome prince, cleans up nice! Dig up the fashion shoot he did with GQ Magazine and you'll see what we mean. Meloni has a couple tattoos, a butterfly on his upper thigh and a cubist representation of the crucifixion on his left bicep. >> pictures

#93 - Mike Ness (Musician, Social Distortion, April 3rd, 1962)

Mike NessMike Ness of the rock band Social Distortion, was kicked out of his parents house at the age of 15 and found solace playing music in the Orange County punk scene. Social D's popularity quickly promoted Ness to niche celebrity status, easily recognized by his iconic ink work. Ladies adore Mike's romantic tough guy persona and he's reportedly such a gentleman, that the ratio of women to men at Social D's shows is easily 4 to 1. Mike's skin is blanketed in tattoos inspired by American traditional iconography such as swallows, spider webs, flames and nautical stars. Mike also wears a pair of very visible tattoos on his knuckles which read LOVE / PAIN. Knuckle tattoos are affectionately known as "jawbreakers". Sounds pretty tough. >> pictures

#92 - Lords of the Ring (Wrestlers, Batista, Randy Orton, Bill Goldberg, Various Ages)

Wrestlers, Batista, Randy Orton, Bill GoldbergTough, brawny and buff, are all words that describe our "Lord of the Rings". Batista, Randy Orton and Bill Goldberg are our favourite beefcake boys who are taking championship titles and breaking wrestling records. Between the three of them, they have many tattoos, so let's take a look at their collections: Batista has a tribal/asian inspired arm piece , some kanji and a large dragon back piece. Randy Orton has full sleeves, which incorporate tribal and skull motifs. Goldberg also has some tribal arm pieces and a fierce looking skull on his inner right arm. One thing is for sure, we've noticed that Wrestlers love tribal tattoos!

#91 - Jens Pulver (Mixed Martial Artist, December 6th, 1974)

Jens PulverIf you like fit, athletic guys that will wear a shiner with pride (and maybe defend you in an emergency), Jens Pulver is your man. Pulver, now a celebrated mixed martial arts star, was encouraged to start wrestling after he showed interest in the sport during the 6th grade. Jens had a difficult home life growing up, which has definitely fueled his drive and thirst for competitive fighting. Known in the ring as "Lil Evil", he Pulver-ized his way to becoming the first UFC lightweight champion and a coach on the Ultimate Fighter reality show. Jens has quite a few tattoos and seems to be adding more to the collection each year. Currently he wears a koi piece on either side of his stomach, a tribal arm piece and a tribal sun on his left bicep. >> pictures

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