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Badger Award Excellent Site Aloha Award HighPower Graphics Excellence Award Make Your Mark Award 2000
The Information Revolution Award

Silver Excellence Award

Banner Program Guide- The Ultimate Guide to Internet Banner Programs

Web Grafx Creative web site award

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Fine Art On Line

Five Aces Award

TMC Bronze Award

Apex Award Bronze

JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award

Body Art Web Award 2000

Silver Award for Graphics

Millennium Design Services

Perfect Vision Bronze

The Critical Mass Award

Rhiannon's Award of Excellence

Comedy Zone Cool Site Award

Really Cool Site Award Skeleton Reef

Divinity Design's Light of the Web: Lamp Award

Green Fairy's Somewhat Soiled Web Award
First Look

Panda’s Pride® Bronze Award 2000

Sterling Award 2000

SC Portal Best of the Web

Cutting Edge Award 2000

King of the Jungle Award

Best of the Web 2000 Bronze Award

Creative Bodyart Site 2000!

Bronze website award

Loki's Award of Excellence The Smoking Gun Award
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